November 24, 2019


nlp Analysis of data science topic trends on since 2009 [ Shiny dashboard ]

post Python packages that take data science project write-ups beyond Jupyter notebooks [ Intelligence Refinery ]

Fun finds


Create guided tours of Shiny applications using driver.js.


Interactive data tables for R, based on the React Table library and made with reactR.

Project Audio for Github

Listen to music generated by events happening across GitHub

Overheard around town

When discussing a request for a global option to suppress startup messages in the R package knitr, someone pleaded:

“Seriously, I’m willing to pay each of you $100 not to introduce this new option in knitr or evaluate.”

Currently reading

Think grimy hardboiled noir, but set in Alaska and best accompanied by a Yiddish dictionary…

Getting an early start on those new year resolutions, in bite-size chunks.

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